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Hollywood and the dinosaur-media have been infested with SJWs and their lies and false narratives for years. They are trying their best to infest the gaming industry as well, but fortunately the gaming community is not bowing down. GamerGate is the movement against the SJW/Feminists, who are trying to make the gaming industry as politically correct as Hollywood. Some of the gaming-media have been siding with the SJWs, and have been making extraordinarily random and far fetched claims and accusations, which puts a big question mark on their integrity.
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History of GamerGate
What is it and how did it come about

In 2014 a couple of gamers noticed that Depression Quest, a text-based SJW-game, got overwhelmingly good reviews at Kotaku. This was strange, as the game was no more than an interactive novel, and it didn't get one single good review/comment from fans. So why did the media even notice this game?
The answer came up later, as it was discovered that the developer, ZoŽ Quinn, had been sleeping with the game journalist who wrote about the game. (LINK) This of course raised legitimate concerns about the integrity of Kotaku and the gaming press in general.

A large group of gamers began looking into the corruption going on in the gaming-media, and started calling it out. The media fought back by calling all gamers misogynists, bigots, racists, Nazi's and every other SJW-term in the book. Very inappropriate and uncalled for, so more gamers joined the "debate", and discovered how the gaming-press had been influenced by false SJW-narratives and feminist lies. #GamerGate united the gamers who wanted to callout the corruption and lack of ethics, and they gave the media an overwhelming backlash. The media then chose to play victims, and started writing articles to smear and discredit GamerGate. ZoŽ Quinn claims to have received an excessive amount of online harassment and threats at that time, but has no credible sources or documentation to back up her claims.


Anita Sarkeesian, feminist co-writer of Feminist Frequency and host of the short video series Tropes vs. Women, claimed that she too was harassed and threatened online. (Also without credible sources or documentation)
Brianna Wu, founder of Giant Spacekat and creator of feminist game: Revolution 60, very outspoken against GamerGate, and also claimed to have received online harassment and threats. (Again without credible sources or documentation)

The gaming media praised these 3 individuals: ZoŽ Quinn, Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu, and told their stories, as if they were super-talented brave women fighting against an industry of evil misogynistic, bigoted, racist, Nazi-white-men. Their stories even spread to regular media, where they were admired and praised, without anyone ever looking into why these 3 woman got bad critique for their products. It was more interesting to make up a narrative about the 3 strong women and their fight against a mob of evil white men, harassing them only because they were women. Nothing could of course be further from the truth. Take one good look at ZoŽ Quinn's "Depression Quest" or Brianna Wu's "Revolution 60", and it becomes crystal clear why they got bad reviews from gamers. Both games are simply terrible, which is the reason why they received bad reviews from gamers, just like any other terrible game would. It's as simple as that. That the gaming-media gave these bad games overwhelmingly good reviews, looks (a lot) like they are more interested in pushing false SJW-narratives, than writing objective and genuine game-reviews.

Anita Sarkeesian's Tropes vs. Women looks like a professional show at first glance. In sharp contrast to other feminists/SJWs, Anita actually appears presentable, and she is well spoken. The claims that she makes in her videos are false and seemingly random, but she looks professional, and you have to know the content she is talks about to see through her. To start off her project, she launched a donation campaign for the production of her videos. She received a lot of money from her feminist audience at Feminist Frequency, and to keep the money coming, of course she needs to make content that fits the feminist narrative. Anita's videos and examples are actually not herself playing, it's just stuff she finds and copies off the internet. *Proof in below videos. Also, she doesn't appear mentally challenged, even though her statements are literally crazy, so it would seem (a lot) like she's just a scam-artist who keeps doing what she does, as long as she can fool feminists into throwing money at her.


In 2015, ZoŽ Quinn and Anita Sarkeesian went one step further. They literally went to the UN, taking time away from real issues, to convince the UN to enforce censorship of criticism, and deem any disagreement with feminist ideology "hate-speech". And what's even more crazy: The UN actually let them speak! Taking time to discuss "mean tweets", in a world where people face ethnic cleansing by radical "religion of piece"-extremists. Absolutely insane. This actually says a lot about the UN. Free speech is fine of course, but the UN should prioritize real issues, of which there are plenty, over complete nonsense. See articles: Anita & ZoŽ at the UN - The UN Wants To Censor The Internet To Save Feministsí Feelings

The UN's report: Cyber Violence against women and girls (LINK)
Anyone who has ever used social media, or anyone who knows what the internet is, can easily debunk this report entirely. It's absolutely mind-blowing how a council of people can come up with something this absurd and obviously false.

..And things get even more bizarre..

Not long after Anita & ZoŽ's charade at the UN, Candace Owens, better known as Red Pill Black, not knowing anything about GamerGate, launched a kick-starter for a project about anti-bullying. Something you would think that ZoŽ Quinn and all the other "victims" of mean tweets would be excited about. But watch the first 10 minutes of the following video, and be amazed.

The phrase, "we are lifting the masks off trolls", which sounds like, "exposing the identity of online harassers", made ZoŽ Quinn panic. Now why would ZoŽ Quinn panic over something that would help her expose all the anonymous white men, that she claims were harassing her? Another good question is how she knows they were all white men, if they ware all anonymous? As Candace Owens didn't want to stop her project, even after being threatened by ZoŽ Quinn, all of a sudden, all these "anonymous white men" started attacking Candace Owens, literally right after she spoke with ZoŽ on the phone. To Candace Owens, and many others, this would seem (a lot) like ZoŽ Quinn actually controls all these fake profiles, and uses them to scare people. It would seem (an awful lot) like ZoŽ Quinn was actually never harassed online, but that she herself is the harasser. (More evidence to this fact) It would definitely seem like she had just made the whole thing up so she could play the victim, and use that as the reason why her game got bad reviews, not her lack of competence. That, and so she can collect donations on her Patreon from gullible feminists and SJWs of course.



Detailed history of the GamerGate controversy (LINK)

It's important to stand against the feminist and SJW lies and corruption, so the gaming industry doesn't end up like Hollywood. The best way to do this, is by boycotting the game-journalists and media that support and push the SJW/feminist narratives. Callout their lies and fabrications, and don't be afraid of heir harassment and name-calling. There are way more people who are tiered of the their hypocrisy, than people who support them.

GamerGate Boycott-List:
People & media who promote SJW & feminist lies

Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency) (Tropes vs. Women)
ZoŽ Quinn (Depression Quest) (Zoe Quinn Scandal)
Brianna Wu, (Giant Spacekat) (Revolution 60)
Leigh Alexander (Gamers Are Dead)
Jim Sterling (Steam) (YouTube)
Nathan Grayson (Rock Paper Shotgun) (Zoe Quinn Scandal)

Kotaku, Destructoid, Gamasutra, GameInformer, Metro, Rock Paper Shotgun

GamerGate Support List:
People & media that support GamerGate

Mercedes Carrera
Sargon of akkad
Candace Owens
Milo Yiannopoulos
Karen Straughan
Syrian Girl
Paul Joseph Watson
Dr Shaym
Blaire White
Chris Ray Gun
Roaming Millennial
Black Pigeon Speaks
Mike Cernovich

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