by Tore Andersen

Mass Effect, the first game in the legendary space action-RPG series from BioWare, released in 2007/2008, and still amazing. Technically the game is still excellent, only the textures, models and world detail show the games ago a little. This project will greatly enhance the visuals and effects, plus optionally add a new custom ReShade for better lighting and image quality. The guide has step-by-step instructions, no modding experience needed.


1: Requirements
2: Official DLCs
3: Mod installation
4: Screenshots
5: Artwork


1 - Requirements

1: Mass Effect latest version. (The Steam version comes already updated)
2: Sign up at the Nexus. It's free and it takes 2 minutes. (LINK)
3: Start the game at least once before installing mods


2 - DLC Installation
The DLCs for Mass Effect have become free to download

Mass Effect DLC Download (LINK)
Download and install both "Bring down the Sky" and "Pinnacle Station".
The product key for Pinnacle Station is: 5GUCXRFPQNBMTJBD3L5J  (Free key available on EA's DLC site)
Note: If you get the following error message during installation: "Mass Effect CD Key not found", then you need this small fix (LINK)


3 - Mod Installation

Faster Elevators (LINK)
Unpack and move the Maps folder into BioGame\CookedPC\ inside the Mass Effect game folder. Overwrite existing files.

Same-S Romances for ME1 (LINK)
Install 1: "Same-Sex Romances for ME1"
Install 2: "NPCs Flirt Regardless of Gender"
Install 3: "Same-Sex LI Activates Beacon"
Unpack each file and move the content into BioGame\CookedPC\ inside the Mass Effect game folder. Overwrite existing files.
*This is of course not needed if you don't care for same-sex romance.

ALOT  - A Lot Of Textures for ME1 (LINK)
Download 1: "ALOT 2018 - Installer"
Download 2: "ALOT for ME1 6.0 - Textures"
Create a temporary folder in the root of your hard-drive and move the two files into it.
Don't run the installer yet.

ALOT Extras 1 - Better Hair Textures
Download and unpack the file into the ALOT folder.

ALOT Extras 2 - HR Armor (LINK)
Download and move the file into the ALOT folder. *Don't unpack.

ALOT Extras 3 - Miscellaneous Textures (LINK)
Download and move the file into the ALOT folder. *Don't unpack.

Download: "Mass Effect Anniversary Edition Direct Download"
Download and copy the file into the ALOT folder, don't move. *And don't unpack the file.

ALOT  - A Lot Of Textures for ME1
Run the installer. Click "Download Assistant" and select the ALOT folder as download folder, then click "Import".
The installer should now look like this (Have a green checkmark by all 5 mods):

Click "Install for ME1" and wait. This will take some time.

Unpack the file and run "MassEffectModder.exe". *See image for recommended options.

Click "Install" and wait, this will take some time as well.

Download and unpack into the Mass Effect game folder.

*Note for Windows 10 users:
The Creators update for Windows 10 introduced a wide variety of problems, especially for games with custom renders like ENB or ReShade. If you encounter problems like messed-up graphics or extreme slowdowns, then follow the steps in number 4 here: (LINK) *Pay special attention to the RivaTuner settings.
If this doesn't work, then Windows is somehow still blocking it. Search Google for alternative ways of forcing Windows 10 to use custom d3d files. If you are unable to fix it, then you will have to uninstall the ReShade and play without. Just delete the d3d9.dll file but keep everything else.

That's it. Mass Effect is ready for launch



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4 - M.1.E.P. Screenshots

   ReShade                                           Original                                                 ReShade                                             Original














5 - Artwork




Mass Effect Game Info

Mass Effect is a science fiction action role-playing game developed by BioWare and released for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Windows in 2007/2008. The first 3 games are about an officer/commander named Shepard, who can be either male or female depending on the players choosing. The goal is to save the galaxy from powerful mechanical beings known as the Reapers, or at least do what's possible to fight them.

All three games were met with universal acclaim and received several awards. The hole series is highly regarded for its incredible storytelling, character development, depth and detail of its universe, and the emphasis on the players choices and their affect on the game. The games takes place in a fictional version of the Milky Way, at the end of the 22nd century.The galaxy is inhabited by a variety of unique characters from different species. Most species use technology from an ancient civilization called the "Protheans". The Prothean's technology is based on a substance named "Element Zero", which can be used to alter the mass of anything. With this "mass effect", technologies such as light-travel, force-fields and artificial gravity have become possible.

Besides Mass Effect's indisputably level of quality and attention to detail, the game is also popular for the ability of the player to have meaningful and believable relationships. It's not a significant part of the game-play, but the players relations actually have impact on the story. This of course have spread hysteria among SJWs of all sorts, but despite their efforts to discredit the series and label all players every name on the SJW-book, the games remain bestsellers.