These mods are not required to be installed for Skyrim to look like the screenshots, but they are highly recommended for game-play, and works perfectly with the required mods.


Section 1 - The first recommended mods to be installed, are some really great additions to the Skyrim world space. These mods can be installed in any order.

House Whitewatch (
I would recommend installing "HouseWhitewatch Lorefriendly Version", but you can install whichever you like best.
Ravenscale Castle
Whiterun Mansion
Just install the main file "Whiterun Mansion 3".
Solitude Public Bathhouse (
The Bottomless Pit (
Quest- The Fifth Gate (
Wyvern Rock Castle (
The Evil Mansion - Dark Edition (
Peaceful Valley (

If you have 2GB+ video memory, I would also recommend the following player-home mod.

Reapers The Dark Tower ( * Dark Tower 1 of 2
Dread Crossbow ( * Dark Tower 2 of 2


Section 2 - These mods are mostly gameplay enhancements/changes. They can be installed in any order.

Unicorn (
Install the "Faithful companion - Unicorn" file.
Banditry - Unsafe Travel In Skyrim (
Install only the "Banditry V0_1" file.
Candlelight Toggle (
I recommend installing "Candlelight Toggle v2-01" and "CLT Radius 2x - Default colors", as they match the ENB settings best.
Conjure Rideable Ethereal Horse Spell (
Customizable Camera (
Female Mannequins - Heartfires compatible (
I recommend "Female Mannequins Heartfires Nord", but pick any you like.
No Boring Sleep-Wait Menu (
Rich Merchants (
Sit Anywhere (
Teleportation Spell with Menu and Mark and Recall with Menu (
Install "Teleport Menu Spell_DLC" if you have all 3 DLC's. Otherwise install "Teleport Menu Spell_NODLC".
Craftable Torches (
Double Torch Radius (
Eternal Torch (


Section 3 - An additional race. Installed in top-to-bottom order.

Temptress Race (
Install "Temptress Complete v1_3", "Temptress -Afternoon Lighting- Neck Seam Fix", then "NEW Temptress Vampire Compatibility Update".
Brokefoot UNP Mashup Compilation UNPB BBP BBPx Conversion (
Only install "Temptress Race UNPB-BBP Body Replace".


Section 4 - New cloths, armors and weapons. The first part needs to be installed in top-to-bottom order. When asked, always overwrite any previous, so the lower mods take priority to the upper ones. Note: Some of the cloths/armors are not lore-friendly. Meaning that they do not match the age or style of the game. I have marked these non-lore-friendly mods, so you can choose not to install them, if you think that they will ruin your game experience.

Improved NPC Clothing - High Res (
I recommend installing "Improved NPC Clothing_1_8_1". But if you like more dirty cloths, install "Improved NPC Clothing_1_8_1_MORE_DIRT" instead.
Then install "INPCC_Expansion pack_1_1".
Killer Keos Skimpy Armor Replacer - UNPB Version ( * Non lore-friendly
Just install "Killer Keo Skimpy Armor Replacer - UNPB 2_5".
aMidianBorn Book of Silence (
Install all 5 mainfiles. During installation you will be given the choice to select which armors and weapons you want. Pick to your liking.
aMidianBorn stormcloak officer armour (

The following mods don't need to be installed in any particular order. Some mods are however referring to the same armor, and those need to be installed from top-to-bottom. They are marked with numbers.
If asked, overwrite the previous 4 armor mods.

Battle Claws (
I recommend installing "Battle Claws - Normal Damage" or "Battle Claws - High Damage", as they are most balanced.
Daedric UNPB BBP and BBPx for PCEAr or not ( * Non lore-friendly
Install only "Daedric".
Dark Lillith for UNPB-BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Dark Lillith for UNPB-BBP".
Diano for UNPB-BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Diano for UNPB-BBP" and "V1_1 esp".
Elewin Jewelry - Piercings for UNP ( * Non lore-friendly
LeatherBound Huntress Armour ( * Huntress Armor 1 of 2
LeatherBound Huntress Armor - UNPB BBP ( * Huntress Armor 2 of 2
Lingerie Set for the UNPB BBP Body ( * Non lore-friendly
LustDesign - Female Daedric Armor Replacer - CBBEv3_UNP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Lustriannas Daedric Armor - UNP Heavy" and "Important High Definition Cubemaps Update".
LustDesign - Sovngarde Steel Armor v2 - CBBE_UNP_CHSBHC_ADEC ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Sovngarde Steel Armor - Version 2 - UNPB" and I recommend also installing "Optional No Loincloth Update for Version 2 - UNPB".
Lustmord Vampire Armor ( * Non lore-friendly
This mod comes in standat and HD versions. I recommend installing "Lustmord Armor V1-2 HD".
Lore Friendly and SemiSkimpy Armors - UNPB-BBP (
I recommend only "SemiSkimpy Vampire Armor UNPB-BBP", but you can choose any you like.
Scouter Corset by NEO ( * Neo Corset 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install "Scouters Corset by NEO - UNP".
NEO Corset with UNPB BBP ( * Neo Corset 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install "UNPB-bbp Corset".
Schwertleite Set ( * Schwertleite Set 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Just install "Schwertleite Set".
Schwertleite Armor- UNPB Version ( * Schwertleite Set 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Seraphine Armor - CBBEv3 - UNP ( * Seraphine Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install "Seraphine armor - UNP".
Seraphine Armor - UNPB BBP ( * Seraphine Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Sexy Vanilla Female Armor for UNP and SevenBase with BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Only install "Standalone Sexy Dragonplate Armor for UNPB".
Skimpy Armor Set UNP UNPB WIP - Replacer and Standalone ( * Non lore-friendly
 I recommend installing "UNPB Standalone version", but you can choose any UNPB version you like.
Tera Val Tirkai - UNPB BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Theminblacks UNPB Armor Shop ( * Non lore-friendly
Only install "Battlefield Pickup -Stand alone Orcish armor UNPB 1_0".
Transparent and refracting Glass Eqmnt CBBE UNP UNPB ( * Non lore-friendly
First install "Main Glass armors and Weapons all in one", then "All glass optional files in one". The installer lets you choose which ever armors you prefer.
TroubleMakers Forsworn Armor - Customizable UNPB and BBP also BBPx
Only install "TroubleMakers Customizable Forsworn Armor UNPB BBP" and "TroubleMakers ForswornArmor-WhiteLeopard-No-AmuletFeathersBra UNPB -BBP". Unless you want the topless version, then install "TroubleMakers ForswornArmor-Topless-WhiteLeopard-No-AmuletFeathers UNPB -BBP" instead.
Refracting Stalhrim CBBE UNP 7Base with optional transparency (
UNP Leather Clothes ( * Non lore-friendly
UNP Undies ( * Non lore-friendly
Vampire leather armor set ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "VampireLeatherArmorSet", "RedTexture" and "UNPB BACK CLIPPING FIX".
Void armor by Hentai - Nexus Exclusive ( * Void Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install both mainfiles.
Void armor by Hentai - UNPB BBP conversion ( * Void Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Warglaives and Silverlight Armor 099 CBBE ( * Silverlight Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install "Silverlight Armor 0992 CBBE" and "Warglaives 099".
Ultra Skimpy Silverlight armor for UNP and UNPB ( * Silverlight Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Witch Elf Armor - UNP ( * Witch Elf Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Just install "Witch Elf Armour".
Witch Elf Armor - UNPB BBP ( * Witch Elf Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Just install "Witch Elf Armor - UNPB BBP".
Sexy Evening Dress for UNPB-BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Selene by Neo ( * Selene Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install the main file, plus "Fixed ESP" under "Updates", and the "Neo Selene Optional Less Dark textures for ENB" under Optional files.
Selene by Neo - 7B SeveNBase BBP Conversion ( * Selene Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install either Bombshell BBP or Natural BBP. See screenshots and pick what you like. My choice would be the Bombshell BBP.
Alyn Shir Armor - CBBEv3 - UNP - UNP-BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Alyn_Shir_UNP-BBP"
Aradia Lingerie Dress for Sevenbase Cleavage ( * Non lore-friendly
Install the main-file, plus the "Aradia Lingerie Dress Chest"
I know it says that the SeveNBase body is required, put it work perfectly with UNBP too.
Edhildils Witch Doctor BBP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Edhildils UNPB Witch Doctor BBP", and "Edhildils Witch Doctor Alternate Mask" if you don't want the horns.
R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNP CBBEV3 7B ( * Shanoa Armor 1 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install "R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNP"
R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor for UNPB ( * Shanoa Armor 2 of 2 * Non lore-friendly
Install both the main-file and "R18Pn 09 - Shanoa Armor - UNPB - No Bounce - Butt physic"
Sexy Vests (T)BBP - CBBE-UNP(B)-DG-7B ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "SexyVest - UNPB BBP"
ThunderBirdArmor_CBBE and UNP ( * Thunder Bird Armor 1 of 3 * Non lore-friendly
Install "ThunderBirdArmor_UNP"
Thunderbird Armor for Sevenbase Bombshell BBP ( * Thunder Bird Armor 2 of 3 * Non lore-friendly
Thunderbird armor retex ( * Thunder Bird Armor 3 of 3 * Non lore-friendly
Withe01 BattleMage Outfit UNPB ( * Non lore-friendly
Mina Outfit - 7B SeveNBase BBP Conversion ( * Non lore-friendly
R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for CBBE or 7BSeveNBase UNP ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "R18Pn 08 - Lingerie Set for 7B UNP"
Wyrmfang (

If you like more sexy looking armors, I can recommend taking a look at some conversions at SkyPhantom and LoversLab. All outfits are for the UNPB BBP female body type, so you can install any one you like, as long as they don't require TBBP or High Heel System.
*Note: These designs are all non lore-friendly. If you prefer realism over what's pleasing to the eye, don't even bother looking at these.
My recommendations:

Very Sexy Ebony Armour UNPB BBP (
Peppermint UNPB-BBP (
SUN Magic Armor UNPB-BBP (
KURESE Gloria armor (
Blade and Soul Negligee (
Kagura Oneechanbara (
Elven Nymph Dress (
Tera Deathskin (
Nia Outfit UNPB BBP (
Osare Maid Outfit UNPB-BBP (
N8k Black Wisteria UNPB BBP (
Aradia Lace Dress UNPB BBP (
Leather Thief Armor UNPB BBP (
Rogue Armor Outfits UNPB BBP (
fox 12 Armor UNPB BBP (
Skull Armor UNPB BBP and BBPx (
Heavy Metal Armor UNPB BBPx (
Blade and Soul Qipao UNPB BBP (
Throne Armor UNPB BBP (
wjun lady UNPB BBP (
Ivy Valentine Armor UNPB BBP (
Catwoman Suit UNPB BBP (
Bns Scorpion Set - UNPB BBP (
fox 12 Armor - UNPB BBP (
Full Metal Bikini - UNPB and UNPB BBP (
Install first "DFSL/cenobite Full Metal Bikini" then "Full Metal Bikini - UNPB BBP v0.2".
Hentai Mixed Armor - UNPB BBP (
ADEC Nordic Carved Armor ( * Nordic Carved Armor Part 1 of 2
Install "ADEC Nordic Carved Armor".
Nordic Carved Armor - UNPB ( * Nordic Carved Armor Part 2 of 2
Protective Latex Catsuit or PLCS - UNPB BBP (
Swap Hide Armor - UNPB BBP (
Sword Dancer - UNPB BBP (
Tera Human F R20 - UNPB BBP (

If you have 2GB+ video memory, I would recommend the following armor mods. If you have less than 2GB, you can still install them, but you might get random CTD's while crafting or browsing your armors.

TERA Armors Collection for Skyrim - Male and UNP female ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "TERA Armors - Main File" and all four updates.
If asked, don't overwrite any of the "UNPB BBP" version mods.
Witch Of The Wild (
Only install "WOTW1_06". During installations you will be asked for body-type. Choose UNPB-BBP.
Casual bikini shoes gloves stockings for UNP UNPB BBP CBBE ADEC ( * Non lore-friendly
Install "Newmiller casual bikini shoes gloves stockings v2_54 for UNPB BBP v2_4 high-res textures 2048x2048".
Vampire cuirass with chains for DreamGirl UNPBBBP and CBBE body ( * Non lore-friendly
Install the UNPB BBP main file, and Vampire Jewellery from the Optional files.


Section 5 - These mods add new NPCs and companions to the game. They do not need to be installed in any particular order.

The following mods all use the default body-type. They are all 100% compatible with UNPB-BBP (Which we installed earlier), and all dependencies are covered already. Most are dependant on ApachiiSkyHair only. As these characters will use the already installed body and face textures & meshes, they might not look 100% like the creator intended. The good thing is, that the files are very small, so they don't require much memory, and won't have any impact on performance. (Except for "BVFE - Serana and Family", but it's a relatively small mod, and it is a big improvement to Serana)

A Breton Destruction Mage follower Danthalihan (
This mod comes in two versions. Essential, and Non-essential. I would recommend using the "EADanthalihanE_1_0" (Essential).
A Cute Redguard Follower Calypso (
I recommend "EACalypsoE_1_2".
Alexandra Follower (
Arabella - Follower 1H Companion Level 6-50 (
Arianna Follower (
I recommend installing "Arianna with Big Hair".
BreeLynn Follower (
I recommend installing "BreeLynn with ApachiiSkyHair 16".
BVFE - Serana and Family (
I recommend installing "BVFE - Serana UNP Glow".
Calista Summerstar - Combat Mystic Companion (
I recommend installing "Calista Summerstar - Tan Brunette Auto-Level Essential", "Better Females By Bella Natural Edition by zzjay Normal
Maps" and "Better Females By Bella Natural Edition by zzjay UNP zip".
When you install, DON'T overwrite any previously installed mods, or all other NPC's might start looking weird.
Consuelo de Montoya -Bruja del Fuego- Fire Mage (
I recommend installing "Consuelo de Montoya -Bruja del Fuego- Fire Mage Auto".
Esmeralda the Cursed - A Lycanthrope Companion -Adult- (
I recommend installing "Esmeralda Auto-Level Updated Version - Nude - Essential".
Estana - Nord Companion (
Etain the Shewolf -Follower- (
I recommend installing "Etain the Shewolf - Auto-Level Essential".
Eurydice -Battle Mage Companion- Adult (
I recommend installing "Eurydice Battle Mage Auto-Level Essential".
Half Orc War Shaman Talsha (
Hanna (
Install either "Hanna 1dot2 Solitude" or "Hanna 1dot2 Whiterun", depending on wheree you want her to show up.
Imperial Rogue Nina Gale (
Jazmin Follower (
Jezebel Simon -WitchBlade- (
I recommend installing "Jezebel Simon -Auto-Level Essential-".
KFollowers (
Only install "KFollowers - Morthana".
Nirana- Nord Companion by Den987 (
Nola- Breton Companion (
Install both files.
OmFollower - Adriana by Maevan2 (
Otrera -Greek Goddess of the Amazons- Companion (
I recommend installing "Otrera -Goddess of the Amazons- Auto-Level".
Phaedra - Marriageable Follower (
Seedy Merchant
Install both files.
Talah -Redguard Vampiress from Hammerfell- -Adult- (
I recommend installing "Talah Auto-Level Essential Non-Vampire Race".
Tarya Stormborn - Battle Sorcerer Follower (
Valkyrie Followers (
More Solstheim Followers (
I recommend "More Solstheim Followers - SkyHair Version", but choose any version you like.
Millenia (
I recommend "Alternate Hair Millenia", but choose any version you like.
Scarlette (
Yumi - Follower mod (
I recommend "Yumi - Optional Hair 2 - Heavy", but choose any version you like, except for Version 3.

If you have 2GB+ video memory, I would recommend the following companion mods. If you have less than 2GB, you can still install them, but you might get CTDs when entering the areas where these NPCs are located.

They are all "Standalone" characters. Meaning that they will have their own unique textures and meshes, no matter which body/face mods you use already. This is much easier for everyone, as no other mods are needed for the characters to look exactly like the creator intended them to. The downside is that they require a lot more memory.
I would not recommend installing each end everyone of these mods, even if you have 2GB+ video memory. Choose the 5-10 mods you like best. If you install them all, the game will become slow and buggy in certain areas.
*Note. You can install any version of these mods, regardless of body-type.

Alayna Standalone Follower (
Celestine Standalone Follower Custom AI
Sharza Standalone Follower (
Dorcey Standalone Follower
Irintha Standalone Follower Custom AI (
Mildred Standalone Follower
Valora Standalone Follower (
Zaleria Standalone Follower (
Hanali Lunari Follower with In-Game Body Changer
Lunari Warriors with In-Game Body Changer
Danariel Stormbow Follower with Body Changer (
Aurora and Twilight Followers - Voiced with Body Changer (
Elven Sisters - standalone followers
Alana companion
Ayu Sonia Spellsword Standalone Companion (
BTRH Followers - Private Squad (
Chaconne Follower (
Companion Crea and Lese (
Companion Lenore - Marriageable (
Destiny Followers (
Elven Follower Aranya (
Fabulous Followers - 5 Breton Girls - NO Other Mods Reqd - UNP UNPB CBBE and ADEC Options (
FR Girl Followers with In-Game Body Changer (
Gabby the Cute Pastry Chef Companion (
Ladyhawke Standalone Follower Companion (
Lunari Sisters - Companion Arinya and Lanteia (
Malise - A Companion By Joseph Anthony (
Mindi Badweyn a Nord Follower (
Proserpine Companion (
rk Followers (
Sai - Standalone Companion (
Sexy Warrior Companion Ria (
Shelyn - Healer Companion (
Six Beautiful Followers - Standalone Version (
SkyDream Maidens with In-Game Body Changer (
SR Elf Followers (
Unique Female Followers (
Zt Followers (


Section 6 - These mods are for game-play enhancements/changes. They can be installed in any order.

SkyRealism - Time and Travel (
Spouses Can Live Everywhere (
My Home Is Your Home - a mod for followers (
Install only the "MHYH_121" file.
100x Your Carry Weight - or 10x or 25x ( * This makes the game more fun, but comes with the cost of realism. If you value realism over other aspects, don't install this mod.
I recommend installing "100xCarry".
Marriable Serana (
Amazing Follower Tweaks (
Install the latest main-file.
Immersive HUD - iHUD (


Section 7 - The most recommended mod of all! This is a mod that provides just as much content as any of Bethesda's DLCs. (The reason why this is in the optional mod section, instead of the essential section along with Falskaar, is because this mod is really big)
* Note, because of the size of this mod, I would not recommend installing it, if you are pushing your system to the limit already.

Interesting NPCs (
Install the main-file first, then "Dawnguard Meshes for Vampire NPCs" if you have the Dawngard DLC, and "Hearthfires Compatibility Patch v3_06" if you have the Hearthfire DLC.
Amazing Follower Tweaks (
Install "AFT_iNPCFix_1_00".


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