If you only want to use the ENB, not the recommended mods, please note the following:
For the ENB to look as intended, please use Climates Of Tamriel (any version), and ENB helper. Remove lighting mods like ELFX, ELE or RLO.
*Changing weather/lighting mods won't impact your save-games, and can be installed/uninstalled at any time without problems.


Installing ENB & the SSEBP ENB Settings

1 - The official ENB files

Official ENB Download Site: (LINK)
Download the latest version and unpack to a temporary folder. Move the content of the "WrapperVersion" folder into the Skyrim SE game-folder. Overwrite any existing files.

Alternative file download:
(Use only if Nexus is down) *Pick 1
SBP - Regular DoF (DOWNLOAD)
SBP - High Performance Version (DOWNLOAD)

2 - Skyrim SE Beautification Project ENB Settings

Skyrim Beautification Project ENB Settings: (LINK)
*Download and unpack the files into the Skyrim SE game-folder. Overwrite existing files.
Note: The SBP-ENB comes in 4 different variants. Description and comparison screenshots are on the Nexus page. Choose any one you prefer.

3 - SSEBP-ENB Performance file

SSEBP-ENB performance file: (DOWNLOAD)
*Download and unpack into the Skyrim SE game-folder. Overwrite.
Note: Removed parallax code, as it's already provided by mods. Small but noticeable performance difference, at no visual cost.


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If you want to play with the ENB setting, you can do so by editing "enbseries.ini" with notepad, or you can edit the ENB in-game by pressing shift+enter.
A little word of advise: ENB currently contains more than 1000 environmental settings, which all differ with time of day, location and weather. When playing around with the settings in one location, it may have unforeseen effects elsewhere, so it's a good idea to test ONE thing at a time, and see how it effects different environments/weathers before making more changes. Messing everything up is VERY easy, trust me on this one. It is very time consuming to fully test ENB changes in all different environments and weathers, but it's absolutely necessary if you want a great looking ENB. If you don't have time for testing, I strongly suggest not to play around with the environmental settings. However, if you do have the time, by all means, I would love to receive ideas for improvements and better settings, and incorporate them into this project. (Please write me on the Nexus SSEBP Blog)



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