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Return to Castle Wolfenstein, the second game in the legendary Wolfenstein series, developed by Gray Matter Interactive & iD Soft. It was released by Activision in 2001, following "Wolfenstein 3D" from 1992, which started the first-person shooter genre. The game uses the iD Tech 3 engine, which was state of the art in 2001, but it needs some tweaking to work properly on newer systems. This fix will make the game run in full HD at any aspect ratio, and the texture pack will improve image quality as well.

Original Graphics                                                                                           Enhanced       



Return to Castle Wolfenstein (Latest version)



To play the game in HD resolution with correct aspect ratio, a small patch needs to be applied. If you only edit the "wolfconfig.cfg" file, like most other pages suggest, then you will only get correct resolution, but not the right aspect ratio.

1: Download Resolution Fix (DOWNLOAD)
*This is a repacked file for easy installation. As a courtesy to the creator, here is a link to the original file: (LINK) *No download needed

2: Unpack the file into the game folder. Overwrite existing file(s).



There are quite a few HD texture mods for Return to Castle Wolfenstein, but only a few that are finished, and even fewer that are kept in the original style of the game. I recommend using the Venum Pack, as it is kept true to the original style, plus it slightly improves some effects as well.

Download Venum Texture Mod (DOWNLOAD)
*This is a repacked file for easy installation. As a courtesy to the creator, here is a link to the original file: (LINK) *No download needed

4: Unpack the file into the game folder. Overwrite existing file(s).

That's it,
Return to Castle Wolfenstein is now ready to launch.

If you want to try out some larger texture pack, and don't mind a different visual style, then I can recommend the following mods:
Return to Castle Wolfenstein - HD Update 0.03 (LINK) *It's unfinished, but replaces a lot of textures.
Castle Gothicstein - Remastered 1.02 (LINK) *This mod has a very different and atmospheric style.
RTCW - Remake Beta 1. - Part 1 (LINK) - Part 2 (LINK) *This mod looks promising, and it has a lot of new features, but it also has some environment alterations that doesn't match the game. This mod is not finished yet.



   Original                                           Enhanced                                                 Original                                             Enhanced














Story: In 1943, while World War II was raging on, a US Army Ranger and a British Operative Agent travel to Egypt to investigate some strange activities of a Nazi SS Paranormal Division. They witnessthe SS releasing an ancient curse around a dig site, resurrecting people from the dead.
As they follow the SS, the two agents get spotted and shot down near Austria. They are transferred to Castle Wolfenstein, a medieval castle that is being used as both a prison and research facility. The US Army Ranger manages to escape his cell, which is where the player takes over. The first task is to get out of Wolfenstein's dungeons and find a way out of the castle. When escaping, the player will meet up with a member of the German resistance in a nearby village.
The SS Paranormal Division, under command of Oberführer Helga, leaves Egypt again to excavate the catacombs and crypts of an ancient church within this village. An ancient curse and the awakening of undead creatures has taken place, and gone out of control. The SS finally realize that the situation can not be contained, and they seal off the entrance to the catacombs. The player now has to fight both Nazis and the undead. Inside an ancient house of worship, a German scientist by the name of Professor Zemph, is till doing experiments on the corpse of a Dark Knight. After a successful final experiment, Helga shoots the scientist to get an ancient artifact, the "Dagger of Warding". This awakens a new horrible monster. The player now has to face all sorts of spirits and demons.
After the battle, the US Army Ranger is sent to Kugelstadt, where he is assisted by members of the German resistance group. Their mission is to lean more about another German SS scientist. They break into a ruined factory and discover the blue-prints to a new type of weapon. From there, the player heads into an underground weapons research complex, where horrific malformed creatures are being produced via surgery and mechanical implants. The creatures escape their containments during the commotion, and start a massive rampage. The scientist manages to escape in a submarine, but his destination is no longer secret after the interrogation of a German officer.
The player is later traveling to Norway, arriving by parachute. The mission is to locate the scientists "X-Labs". After fighting more horrifying monsters and twisted creations, the player meets the final weapon, the Übersoldaten, fully operational and fully loaded with weapons and armor. After successfully defeating the super soldier, the scientist again manages to escape. This time for good.

After studying some documents from the lab, the SS's plot becomes known. "Operation: Resurrection", which is a plan to resurrect Heinrich I, a legendary Saxon warlock-king from 943 AD. The player gets sent to Bramburg Dam, and area close to Castle Wolfenstein, where the US Army Ranger enters an excavation site near the Castle. Wolfenstein's underground crypts are swarming with Nazi guards, prototype Übersoldaten and the undead. After fighting through the underworkings of the castle, the player arrives too late at the dark resurrection ceremony of Heinrich I. SS psychics and Oberführerin Marianna Blavatsky conjures up spirits, which transform three of the Übersoldaten into Dark Knights, Heinrich's lieutenants. She even manages to raises Heinrich I himself, who in return turns her into an undead slave. This is the final battle of the game.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein, developed by id Software and Gray Matter Interactive and published by Activision, is a first-person shooter game released in 2001. The game is set in World War II and follows the story of B.J. Blazkowicz, an American soldier who is on a mission to infiltrate and gather information about the Nazi's secret operation, codenamed "Operation Resurrection."

The gameplay of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is a mix of stealth and action. Players take on the role of B.J. and must navigate through levels while avoiding or eliminating enemy soldiers. The game features a variety of weapons including pistols, rifles, and machine guns, as well as a stealth system that allows players to sneak up on enemies and take them out quietly. Additionally, the game features a health system where players must find health packs to restore their health and a stamina system that affects the player's movement speed and accuracy.

The story of Return to Castle Wolfenstein is set in an alternate reality where the Nazi's have been experimenting with supernatural technology and have created an army of undead soldiers. B.J. must infiltrate the castle and gather information on the operation while also fighting off the supernatural threats. The game features a variety of memorable characters such as the main villain, Heinrich Himmler, and B.J.'s ally, Agent One.

The graphics of Return to Castle Wolfenstein were considered impressive for its time and featured detailed environments, realistic character models, and realistic lighting effects. The game also features a robust physics engine that allows for realistic bullet penetration and destructible environments.

The development of Return to Castle Wolfenstein was led by id Software, the studio behind the original Wolfenstein 3D. The game was developed using the id Tech 3 game engine and was built on the foundation of the original Wolfenstein 3D. The game was well received by critics and was praised for its immersive story, intense gameplay, and impressive graphics.

Return to Castle Wolfenstein was a commercial success and sold over 1 million copies. It was followed by a sequel, Wolfenstein in 2009, which also received positive reviews and commercial success. The game is considered a classic in the first-person shooter genre and continues to have a dedicated fan base. The game has been re-released on modern platforms, allowing new players to experience the game and relive the nostalgia for those who played it back in the days. The game is a great example of how to blend the classic genre with modern technology and storytelling, making it a must-play for fans of the genre and for those who love immersive stories and intense gameplay.